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Mark Metternich is a professional landscape photographer who has spent most of his time living mobile on the road. Mark's ​great ​passion for fine art landscape comes through in his work and has attracted a wide audience around the world​, has been widely published​ and has won various awards. Mark has spent as much as 300 days a year leading a unique brand of adventure photo tours across the western US and abroad. Mark also produces many post processing training videos, teaches post processing (via Skype online screen sharing) is a freelance contributor to a number of photography publications, does post processing / print work for a wide variety of fine art clients as well as does public speaking / teaching. Mark has become a legendary digital imaging specialist and master gallery print maker who loves teaching as much as he enjoys producing fine art. Marks fine art, limited edition landscape gallery prints are found sold to a wide array of people, businesses and organizations around the world. Mark also enjoys involving himself in various volunteer/nonprofit humanitarian/philanthropic work (such as, but not limited to, development work for orphans in Uganda, Africa).


Questions from the interview:

1. Mark, you have been an example for landscape photographers all over the world for years. Your portfolio is full of amazing pictures that show your passion for nature. How did you become a landscape photograper?

2. You`re a very religious man. What does religion mean for your life and your work?

3. You are using the social network as a part of your job and your life. What do you think about social networking and it`s influence on art?

4. You spent a huge part of your life in the wilderness. What`s happening to you when you leave the crowded places and choose the loneliness?

5. Photoshop is a part of your photographic art. You can find tons of discussions about the pros and cons of using Photoshop. What`s your opinion on this topic?

6. You`re popular for your pictures of American landscapes. Why does this region work best for you? Could you also imagine to be a world traveler?

7. Workshops are an important part of your work. What do you enjoy more: Being in the wilderness with other photographers, hanging around with them and talking about photography? Or being just with yourself, no one else around, just the nature and you?

8. Where do you find inspiration? Which artists have been the greatest source of inspiration for you?

9. For many people being a landscape photographer seems to be the perfect job. What do you think about it? Have there also been hard times for you?

10. I caught it on Facebook that you are involved in helping orphan children in Africa and that you might also lead workshops there. What is this about? How did this come about and what does this mean for your life?

11. Final Question: This project is called "Vision and life". What do the terms "vision" and "life" mean for you, Mark?

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  • Mark Metternich

    on March 3, 2018

    Thank you for the awesome opportunity to be interviewed in a raw and vulnerable way. All the best to you Mirko.

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